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S802: Asset Management for Executives

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Knowledge is necessary to steer the Asset Management / Maintenance function successfully

S802 2Asset Management / Maintenance is inescapably part of the production success of any business. As such it is dependent on machinery or buildings to generate a profit or service.

Those people steering such organisations inevitably need some knowledge of the Asset Management / Maintenance function. Such knowledge will enable them to steer the Asset Management / Maintenance function successfully.

This course was specifically designed with these top managers in mind.

S802 1

More and more courses on various Asset Management / Maintenance topics become available. The Asset Management world is being reshaped through the application of new techniques and philosophies being presented at such courses.

However, the lack of knowledge higher up in the organisation often limits the possibility of achieving success through such improvement drives.

Some of the executives who should provide the necessary co-ordination are not able to do so because of their own lack of understanding of the processes involved.


This course is meant to provide in this important need:

  • It presents an overview of a variety of Asset Management / Maintenance topics.
  • Asset Management and Production executives are equipped to lead Asset Management / Maintenance improvement drives.
  • Assists in understanding the correlation between the various subject areas better.
  • Make informed choices.
  • Intelligently drive and co-ordinate the Asset Management / Maintenance department.
  • Achieve world class Asset Management / Maintenance practice

Use the strategy tree to guide you regarding what maintenance to perform to reduce the incidence of critical failure modes:

S802 photo3

and use the Maintenance Strategy Triangle to decide how to develop success-producing maintenance strategy for your organisation:

Strategy Triangle

Course Content

Module 1 – Asset Management Fundamentals

  1. Objectives
  2. Asset Management / Maintenance Modelling
  3. Profit Impact
  4. Annual Planning Process
  5. Analysis of Asset Management Results
  6. Asset Management Trends

Module 2 – Maintenance Engineering Fundamentals

  1. Definition of Maintenance Engineering
  2. Maintenance Strategies
  3. Replacement Decision Making
  4. RCM Fundamentals
  5. Maintenance Plan Development
  6. Principles of Condition Based Maintenance
  7. Implementing CBM

Module 3 – Advanced Asset Management Concepts

  1. Asset Management Performance Measurement
    1. Typical Measurement Indices
    2. Integrated Approach
    3. Control of Maintenance
  2. Asset Management / Maintenance Auditing
    1. Auditing principles
    2. Organising/Performing the audit
    3. Managing using the audit's results
  3. Asset Management Success
    1. Asset Management Excellence
    2. The Maintenance Work Ethic
    3. Closing the Strategic Gap

Who Should Attend


The course is intended for all who need to have a total overview of the modern Asset Management / Maintenance function and the newest maintenance philosophies and techniques.

The accent is on the (strategic) needs of top ranking Asset Management / Maintenance and Production executives.


Credits 8*, level 6**                      CPD Points: 3

* The course comprises 40 hours of study, of which 24 hours are in class, with a further 16 hours for the assignment.

**Higher Diploma level


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